Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cat Ball in Video

When you're self employed you have to wear a lot of hats, and I've never owned a videographer hat before.

This means that I also have never owned the equipment, worked with lighting, or had access to an assistant who could wrangle the cat models while I filmed. My results are painfully amateur, but these little films will give you an idea of how my cats use their Cat Ball for play time while also demonstrating the device's physical properties.

This video shows the same cat in a Jumbo Cat Ball. The music is annoying in this one.... sorry!


This particular cat weighed about 9 pounds at the time. He's got thick fur on a petite build.


  1. that's funny because so far Cody hasn't played in his. He uses his for sleeping (I have a boring cat lol)

    I feel your pain about having no one to shoot videos, I have to do it for myself too and I know how challenging it is!

  2. Yup. They stop acting cute when the camera comes out.